The First Year Away From Home

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Moving away from home is often one big step into adulthood. When this time comes for people, mixed emotions arise. Some people are perfectly fine, adapting quickly to their new home. While others end up coming home as often as possible and end up transferring back home. I, myself, am experiencing mixed emotions.

I have attended Pennsylvania State University Worthington Scranton for three years. I was living in the comfort of my own home and being able to wake up to my loving cats face every morning. The smell of coffee brewing filled my room every morning around 5 a.m. when my dad would come in to make sure my T.V was shut off. Now, I wake up without that familiar smell or daily alarm. Every morning I get woken up by the sound of my lovely garbage man who empties the dumpster at 7 a.m.

When classes end at home, I would come back to my bedroom and be surrounded by everything I knew. When I come home at school, I walk into an apartment that I share with my sister. Although there are personal picture frames and decorations to fill in the white walls, there is still a void. A feeling of uneasiness comes over me when I come home to an empty home.

Something I have neglected to recognize in myself is I take things for granted. This is something I never noticed until I moved down to PSU Main Campus. You see, I could see my family and friends almost anytime I wanted to. Everyone was a few minutes away from home. Now two hours and a half separates us. This may seem like a very short distance and maybe it is but when you are actually separated those two and a half hours from your loved ones, it could feel like you are on a different planet.

Main campus is nothing like the Worthington Scranton campus. WS consists of a total of 5 buildings one minute away from each other. Main consists of a lot of buildings, students and traffic. When you leave Main, you feel like you are leaving another state. The area is so big and has so many bars, stores and activities to do and that is just on East College Ave alone. Here, you walk everywhere and if your not walking you are riding bikes or taking the CATA bus.

So when I do go home, excitement fills my entire body. I run home from my 4:25 English 202A class on the Fridays I go home because for some reason if I run, I feel as though I will get on the road faster. The four wheels on my trailblazer hit the highway and a smile forms across my face. It feels so good to be on the road again. Knowing you are going home to the ones you haven’t seen in weeks or even months. We talk on the phone from time to time but nothing beats being able to hug them and be in their presence even just for a day. When the wheels turn into my exit, I feel a sense of comfort. It feels good to be surrounded by familiar roads, places and people. Its good to be HOME.

The hardest part of being away is saying goodbye. Having to say goodbye to your regular routines such as eating Sunday dinner at your Aunts house or visiting your grandparents every Sunday afternoon. When I first left, I cried but only when I had to say goodbye to my dad when he moved us in. After that, I cried every time I had to say goodbye because now I know what it is like to be away from them. Here is the thing, I like that I cry. When I do, it just lets me know I have something so special in my life that I am lucky enough to miss it. Some people don’t even have one person to count on. I have my entire family (And trust me, we are not a small group!)

Although there are hard times moving away, there are also amazing opportunities. Since I have been away, I am forced to be on my own and be responsible. When I first moved out here, I thought that it was going to be so easy and I already knew how to live on my own. It took actually moving to understand how much I still had to learn. I am learning so much here and although I miss my family, I am changing in areas of my life that I always needed to. Something as simple as getting up early and eating breakfast or cooking. I am learning a lot about myself and becoming more of the person I am meant to be.

I am learning to take care of myself, pay the bills and learning about what responsibilities lay ahead. I am learning to never take the ones you love for granted because even though they are still here, there is not one day I don’t miss them. Make sure you let people know how much you love them when they are around because not everyone gets their chance. I am learning to not take anything you have in life for granted. I am so fortunate to have a family who loves me and supports me in everything I do. I am so excited to be here but that doesn’t mean its always easy. Those are the times you give a call back home or shoot your cousins a text to let them know you miss them or are stressed and they will help you out. I know mine always do. I am bettering my life and furthering my education everyday I am here. I am making my family so proud and most importantly myself.

So, my advice for anyone moving away would be enjoy it but don’t forget to call home once in a while to check on your loved ones. No matter where you are in this world, there is always a road that will lead you home.


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