People often search to find happiness in life. Whether they look for it in people, animals, spiritually, places or anything that could fill the void, we are always searching. We look for qualities and characteristics we believe will help us grow as humans and hopefully make us happy. Often times, people get lucky and find what they are looking for early on in life. For others, their happiness comes later in life. Regardless of how long our search has been, we will smile when it is over because we have found that one thing, whatever it may be, that will make us happier than ever before.

As for myself, happiness was always staring me straight in the face, I just didn’t figure it out until this past year. Many of you readers can relate, I myself have had a troubled past. I struggled with many issues and disorders from the age of 5 to 21. I am currently working very hard to stay strong and on track to the road to happiness. A year and a half ago, I started to change for the better. Although I still struggle with my issues, I have to know they will be something I will live with for the rest of my life. I don’t consider this a disadvantage because living with my issues helped me grow as a person and discover the path I choose to take in life. Everyday I become stronger and increase my ability to resist temptation. Everyone has their fair share of issues, but we all need to learn to work with our disadvantages and never let it stop us from achieving our goals or living our lives.

After years of struggling, I came to the realization of what my happiness entailed. My fear was whether or not I discovered it too late. My happiness is found amongst the people who I love the most; my family. There are a lot of us and between us all, the amount of love could make Scrooge and Grinch’s heart grow 3 sizes bigger all over again. Over the years, I pushed away every person that could ever care about me. I chose to shut them out of my life because I never believed I was worth loving in the first place. Once I started to recover, I began to realize something that has always been right in front of me. My family has always been in the background, patiently waiting for my return. They never left my side, even when I deserved to be abandon. I was very fortunate this year to have been able to reconnect with them the way I have. Welcomed with open arms and greeted with a smile, I finally found my happiness. I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

In the end, issues and problems will always exist in our world. We have to have the good and bad in life in order to appreciate our blessings and the gifts we have been given. The bad in life prepares us for real life situations and helps us to become strong individuals. We all have to learn to deal with our problems and make ourselves happy. Everyone is dealt their own set of cards and has the free will to chose how to handle their situation. We just have to remember that problems will always be present but we just need to learn to accept the things we can’t change and learn to deal with what we have been given. Life has many ups and downs but along with the bad comes happiness and joy. Learn to appreciate the good in your life and if your lucky enough you may just find your happiness along the way.


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