Life is too short.. 

Life is too short. 

What does that mean? We are given one life to live and with our time on earth, our choices and decisions determine the rest of our lives. We could spend the rest of our lives trying to please everyone, chasing dreams that we never go after, trying to fix our mistakes, always searching for the happiness within our reach. We could worry about being popular, have a million friends opposed to have a few real ones, being scared of what others will think and ignore our hearts desires. We could cry over the things that break us apart and fade away from existence. We could leave our troubles behind and run away from it all, but they will never disappear without resolution. 

We could live life in fear of the things that scare us the most, never having to risk heartache. We could run from the pain and temporarily block out the noise that fills our thoughts. We could hide from the outside world but nothing will stop the bad that exists in it. 

We could have, should have, would have. 

So again I ask,”What does life is too short mean?” It means exactly what it states. We only have one life. We can’t waste our lives never truly living, being to afraid to ever try. Love, heartbreak, mistakes, dreams, adventures, tears, smiles, laughter, regrets, experiences, memories, life; it’s all part of the journey.

My advice, to you and myself, enjoy life. Don’t let the next opportunity slip through your fingers. Take chances on the things you love. Take a walk in nature and listen to the sounds of the earth. Look into someone’s eyes and really see who they are. Smile at a stranger or help someone in need without expecting something in return. Spend a whole day without complaining. Do something you love with the ones you love. Share something personal about yourself with your best friend. Pick up the phone and talk to someone you miss. Write a letter thanking the people who have shaped you in one way or another. Learn to appreciate the small things in life. Say I love you to the ones you couldn’t imagine life without. 

There are a millions things in life that will spin us out of control; good or bad. It’s life, so we could either sulk in the darkness over the things that tear us apart or we could smile and face it all head on. Truth is, you have to deal with both but that’s what builds your character and who you are. The way you perceive life can give you a different outlook. Staying positive in times of darkness can help to deal with what seems impossible. Life is going to happen, and fast, so live a life you would be proud of everyday. Lastly, take a breathe. Everything will work out in the end, if things aren’t okay, it isn’t the end. 


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