Imperfections or characteristics? 

We try so hard to cover up the markings that define part of who we are. 

Stress marks, cellulite, scars, moles, freckles, indents, cuts, beauty marks. 

They are all parts of us. Each thing is a reminder of our differences and what makes us unique. Some of these characteristics tell part of our story. They share a piece of the puzzle our journey has taken us on. They are reminders of our strengths and battle wounds. They express our struggles and the fight it took to overcome them. They capture what makes us imperfectly perfect in our own way. 

There is this trending topic of taking a #NMM which stands for No Makeup Monday. Women all over the world are taking pictures with bare faces and showing off what they were naturally given. There is something so empowering in this very idea. We are baring our insecurities, flaws and imperfections to the world and saying, “I could care less. I am who I am”. To be able to do this takes strength and courage. We are exposing ourselves and letting the world see our vulnerable sides. We are stripping down to our God given natural states and saying, “We are proud”.

As humans, we are constantly being judged and judging others. We feel this need to analyze people and essentially pick out what we define as flaws and imperfections. It is so easy to point the finger and pick out a negative characteristic about someone yet we get offended when someone turns around and does the same thing to us. We are constantly being told what beauty is and given a set of guidelines to follow. If we are always pointing out our flaws, we will never be able to learn to accept them. 

Over the years, I have had my fair share of insecurities. One thing I’m insecure about is my teeth. For years, I would only smile with my mouth closed and rarely, if ever, showed my teeth. One day my sister asked me, “Why do you never smile with your teeth?” Realizing it was an insecurity, I questioned what the reasons for hating showing my teeth were. Some reasons, I was able to change if I wanted to and one reason I couldn’t. I looked at my options and decided to be who I am. No one had ever commented on my teeth before, this was just something I was personally insecure about. I started to smile with my teeth in pictures and nothing but positive feedback came my way. Although, smiling with my teeth is still sometimes an insecurity, I am able to still push through the negative thoughts and smile with confidence. 

In life, we are always going to dislike something whether it is on us or on someone else. We need to stop pointing out flaws and start loving ourselves and others for who we are. When you come across something you don’t like, find a way to fix it. If you come across something you can’t fix, embrace it. Make it yours and own it. Everyone works hard to be the very best version of ourselves but when does that end? I don’t know if it ever does. We could always continue to work on ourselves and push ourselves to be better versions every day. There is always goals to work toward and by doing so we continue to work on ourselves and be the best version we could be. 

So stop trying to compare your insecurities to others. Stop trying to hide the things that make you unique and start embracing what you have been blessed with. There is always someone out there who would love to have something you do. There is nothing wrong with wanting something but don’t get lost in the hype of it all. You are beautifully made and should embrace what you have been given. Even when it’s not your favorite thing about yourself. Work on loving yourself every day and be proud of everything that is apart of you. Happiness comes from within, so smile and start embracing who you are. 


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